First IOT Webinar organized by EBN

on Monday, 30 September 2013. Posted in News

On Friday, 27th September 2013, I participated as IOT Expert in first IOT Webinar organized by EBN (European Business and Innovation Network) over the EU-initiative EMMINVEST (= European Mobile & Mobility Investment Programme).

EBN is interested to investigate in this programme how the investment
and business development is evolving in IOT global emergent markets and we had very interesting insights on how the IOT business market is evolving in USA in comparison to Eastern Europe and EU.
I learned how BA (business angels) investment is different and can be mitigator of VC (venture capital) investment. Most I have learned about my own view on IOT , which is much too technical
and has to be enlarged by this new business-oriented perspective. Technology is more or less there, but the real challenge for IOT relies on building strong consortia that are able to split the high technical investment as well as the high business risks.
Here more details about the agenda of this event:

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