IoTPeople member on winning team at Copenhagen Startup Weekend Health

on Monday, 04 November 2013. Posted in Entrepreneurship

Last weekend I partcipated and was part of the winning team at the Startup Weekend in CPH.

Currently I am working at dept. of IT Management CBS and my area of interest is “how with the help of IoT, we can develop a home-based telemedicine system for chronic patients”? In this regard, last week I have participated in a vibrant event called Startup Weekend Health Copenhagen 2013.

On this event, I stated working with a team who was working on an exciting project called StressMind. This project is expected to provide a virtual platform to the clients/patients who physically are not available to the therapists. Therefore StressMind project falls in telehealth or telemedicine category. We worked on this project for three days and we ended up with an optimized and concrete idea about how an online system can help people to minimize their stress level? I have been working for this project as a Designer and our team is the winner of this contest. The background and further details about StressMind project is given below Around 35.000 Danes are on sick leave each day due to stress and every single day, 250.000 - 300.000 Danes have serious stress. It has also been noted that 1400 Danes die each year because of stress. One out of five employees on sick leaves due to stress, have high chance of losing his job and half of all untreated stress converts depression and anxiety disorders. StressMind provides a solution by providing online treatment of stress. "

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