Meet IoT: Not-Quite-Another-IoT-Conference

on Friday, 12 June 2015.

Meet IoT: Not-Quite-Another-IoT-Conference
There is no shortage of events related to IoT. It is actually hard to find a day where there is not a single event about IoT, somewhere in the world. So why we decided to add another entry to the already crowded IoT Events list? 
First and foremost, because we saw no interaction between large actors, small companies and the makers movement, and public funded research. There are events targeting each one of these communities, but in a "closed" environment: our aim is to make these realities to interact in a synergistic way, providing a bridge between the technological advances of research, particularly high-risk and forward looking Public-Private Partnerships, with industrial development leading to new products and enabling innovative startups. EU-funded projects produce a large amount of theoretical results and open source software, and Meet IoT aims at introducing this knowledge to innovative SMEs, enabling then to cut development time and efforts, and to larger enterprises, that can set clear interoperability standards and roadmaps. 
The way we plan to implement this bridge is not only through discussions over specific themes in panels, but also through an exhibition, where different scenarios in areas such as Smart Cities, E-health And Wellness, Manufacturing, Agrifood, or Domotics will show practically how IoT applications will impact our future life. To give you a quick idea of what we plan, take an apartment: the Electric company puts the electricity in, the water company the water, some furniture brand the furniture, some white goods brand the white goods, some other brand the entertainment system, some insurance the insurance, etc etc: so we can have a mock-up apartment and have all the companies doing something or it within the apartment and outside, showing with posters and presentations and what’s not what are they doing for it. 
Meet IoT will be held in the ToolBox Coworking, an old industrial building hosting the Officine Arduino (the Italian Arduino headquarter), Fablab Torino and Casa Jasmina, a real fully-connected apartment that Massimo Banzi, Bruce Sterling and Lorenzo Romagnoli are developing. This project serves as test bed for the latest development from the open source community. It will explore the boundaries in the field of open source connected home showcasing the best of open source furnitures, connected objects, and white goods hacks. time and imagining new products, and large corporations that may not have core IoT competences or specific knowledge in certain areas
Want to know more? We'll be happy to discuss with you in details! Start visiting our web site and then do not hesitate to contact us! 
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