This week we have IoTPeople activities in Berlin

Written by Kim Balle on Monday, 14 July 2014. Posted in Conferences, IoTPeople events

Wednesday we are going to be at #TOA14 (Tech Open Air Berlin) and the day after we have an IoTPeople workshop. Its possible to sign up here.

Tech Open Air Berlin

#TOA14 is not an IoT event but more a general startup conference with a twist. The conference is known for giving the participants a different experience than what they might be used to. There are also some IoT related talks though. For example there is a slot about Smart Cities and Smart Homes. If you are in Berlin for the week or have some days free for travel I recommend that you buy one of the last tickets for #TOA14. You can find the program here.

The reason we are attending is to network and to find new interesting IoT entrepreneurs, investors, developers etc. for the IoTPeople community. But the main reason is to spread the word about the Finodex project (an EU funded accelerator program) which is already open for pre-applications. See here.

Workshops in Berlin

At the moment we have workshops in Copenhagen and in Berlin. And each city has their own core member from IoTPeople as a facilitator. This weeks workshop in Berlin is facilitated by Joachim.

At the moment we are talking to peoople from Budapest and from London about starting up workshops in these cities as well. If you are connected to your local IoT ecosystem and want to represent IoTPeople locally as a core member and become a workshop facilitator just drop me a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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